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Sea Rescue Craft | Naval Equipment

LeisureCat Australia’s is the builder of High Speed Catamarans. It is the foremost Western Australian based company to design and build Fibre glass Powered Catamarans in Western Australia. Sea Rescue Craft is also one of their products. It is an apparatus, method and system for saving persons and distressed vessels. The design is confirmed to

Mosquito Bags | Naval Equipment

Fra Angelico Ltd’s is supplier of mosquito bags to the Navy of the Defence Industry. It is an UK-based company established in the year 1997. The manufactured mosquito nets are of three types namely: 1. Mosquito Nets Free Standing, 2. Mosquito nets without floor and 3. Camp cot mosquito nets The mosquito nets are purely

Integrated Communications Control System (ICCS) | Naval Equipment

EID’s is one of the most important high-tech companies in Portugal which designs, manufactures and supplies advanced, high-performance equipment and systems mainly for the global defence community. It manufactures Integrated Communications Control System (ICCS) which provides secure, fast and reliable communications for any kind of warship i.e. be it from patrol boats and submarines to

MEDEVAC Strecher | Naval Equipment

NODIN Aviation AS is a Norwegian company which is specialized in developing modern MEDEVAC solutions for the Navy. The MEDEVAC stretcher which is designed in accordance to EASA requirements is with telescopic handles and 5+2 point integrated patient harness. It is designed and tested in accordance with NATO STANAG 2040, NATO STANAG 3204, and applicable

Chemical Detectors Used in the Navy

Proengin SA’s is a manufactures Chemical Detector AP2C. Chemical Detector AP2C is a hand-held portable monitoring unit. Chemical agents like G, GA, GB, GD, GF, VX and HD in the form of vapour or aerosols can be detected with this. It is used by more than 40 countries by various organizations like the Armed Forces,

Know about Specialised Navy Sleeping Bags

Fra Angelico Ltd’s is supplier of Sleeping Bags to the Navy of the Defence Industry. The Sleeping bags are very comfortable and are safe for usage in harsh environmental situations. They’re of different shapes and sizes and are water proof.  It allows the user to select a bag of his/her choice and is mummy or