Chemical Detectors Used in the Navy

Proengin SA’s is a manufactures Chemical Detector AP2C.

Chemical Detector AP2C is a hand-held portable monitoring unit. Chemical agents like G, GA, GB, GD, GF, VX and HD in the form of vapour or aerosols can be detected with this.

Chemical Detectors

It is used by more than 40 countries by various organizations like the Armed Forces, Civil Defense, Customs, First responders, Police Forces, etc. AP4C, AP2C, AP4C-V, AP4C-F and TIMS are also some kinds of chemical detectors.

The AP4Cís detectors can detect all vomiting agents, all blood agents, all nerve agents and all blister agents.†All PROENGIN chemical detectors use the flame spectrometry technology. There are even advantages of using it.

They have a very fast response time and with very high sensitivity. They are highly reliable and require less maintenance. It can simultaneously detect several chemical compounds.

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