Highest Definition Infrared Surveillance System SPYNEL-X

HGH Infrared Systems’s is a global manufacturer of infrared solutions for industrial, civil, defense and security applications. It is the manufacturer of SPYNEL-X as well. SPYNEL-X is the world’s Highest Definition Infrared Surveillance System which captures the real time, full panoramic images with resolution of up to 120 MP it is the first Infrared Search &

TARANIS® Solution | Army Equipment

Elektroniksystem- Und Logistik-GmbH’s (ESG) is one of the leading German companies for the development & integration of IT and electronics systems for public authorities and the defence and automotive industries. With 1600 employees, the company has its headquarters in Germany and it offices are spread across Europe and global. The company’s TARANIS® solution suite is specifically

MILTECH™ 908MP | Army Equipment

Techaya Inc’s. is a prime developer, innovator and manufacturer of Military Rugged and perfect IP Based Communication Solutions for the Army. It manufactures MILTECH™ 908MP which is a condense MIL-STD fully managed military-grade network switch offering eight triple speed ports specially created for avionic application. It is compatible with all the latest industry network protocols

Mosquito Nets by KK Exports | Army Equipment

KK Exports’s, a flagship company of the K. K. Group is a manufacturer of the advanced military & law enforcement equipments. It exports includes the Army, Police, Railways, Paramilitary forces, Navy and other government and foreign organizations. KK Exports mosquito nets are of variety of sizes, mesh, denier and weight and they are even available

Security Cameras for the Army

FLIR Systems Co Ltd’s is the manufacturer of security cameras for the Army. The company’s products play crucial roles in a wide assortment of industrial, commercial and government activities in almost more than 60 countries. The specialty of F-Series thermal Security Cameras is that it lets an individual see intruder and other threats to the

Accommodation Containers | Army Equipment

TREYSAN Prefabricated Steel Construction Industry’s, a company within IC Holding was established in Ankara in the year 1975. Since its inception with its wide product range, TREYSAN is serving to the armies, construction companies, oil / gas sector companies, military organizations, and relief organizations by offering temporary and permanent prefabricated camp solutions. It is a

Ballistic Floatation Vest | Army Equipment

Buffers Marine’s a new division in Buffers AB in started in the year 1995. It represents their our own brand Northgear–with products like Ballistic Floatation vests, Dive Suits, Survival Suits, Carrying Bags and even Travel Packs. Many of the company items have NSN NATO stock numbers and the company Buffers Marine AB is ISO 9001

Bullet Proof Jackets | Army Equipment

KK Exports’s, a flagship company of the K. K. Groups a premier manufacturer of the advanced military & law enforcement equipments and the company’s exports includes the Army, Police, Railways, Paramilitary forces, Navy and other government and foreign organizations. The KK Group was founded in the year 1972 KK Exports offer a wide variety of British jackets,

Illuminated Control Panels | Airforce Equipment

Paramount Panels UK’s is a specialist manufacturer of man-machine interfaces, a lighting company, with almost 50yrs experience in the aerospace and defence industry. They’re involved in the designing and manufacturing of information panels and even associated lighting components since the early 1950’s. Originally designed to fulfill the rigorous demands of the aerospace industry, Paramount Panels

Helicoil Inserts | Airforce Equipment

Noble Aerospace Private Limited’s is a professionally managed company which offer HeliCoil Inserts for Airforce HeliCoil Inserts are utilized for forming stronger internal threads in all metals, composites and light Metal Alloys. It creates long lasting durable threads, shuns thread over-sizing, enhancing the likelihood of higher torque application in weaker metals, considerably reducing the bolt