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Time to prepare: what you should consider before leaving military life

Leaving the world of the military is a terrifying business. Outside of combat, servicing vehicles or making major deals for munitions, civilian life can seem completely alien. Think of the film The Deer Hunter. A hopeless and desolate comment on the Vietnam War, it features Robert DeNiro as a disillusioned solider returning from Nam to

Five Sci-Fi Defence Tech In Existence

Defence technologies are mutating at an unbelievably exhilarating speed, faster than any other industries. The health of military technology often influences the growth of other allied or even unrelated fields. But scientists and engineers cannot be satisfied by mere drones that can fire or exoskeletons that can lift heavy weights. They are constantly striving to

TARANIS Solution | Army Equipment

Elektroniksystem- Und Logistik-GmbHs (ESG) is one of the leading German companies for the development & integration of IT and electronics systems for public authorities and the defence and automotive industries. With 1600 employees, the company has its headquarters in Germany and offices are spread across Europe and globally. The company’s TARANIS solution suite is specifically

MILTECH 908MP | Army Equipment

Techaya Inc’s. is a prime developer, innovator and manufacturer of Military Rugged and perfect IP Based Communication Solutions for the Army? It manufactures MILTECH 908MP which is a condensed MIL-STD fully managed military-grade network switch offering eight triple speed ports specially created for the avionic application. It is compatible with all the latest industry network

Ballistic Floatation Vest | Army Equipment

Buffers Marines a new division in Buffers AB in started in the year 1995. It represents their our own brand Northgearwith products like Ballistic Floatation vests, Dive Suits, Survival Suits, Carrying Bags and even Travel Packs. Many of the company items have NSN NATO stock numbers and the company Buffers Marine AB is ISO 9001

Bullet Proof Jackets | Army Equipment

KK Exports’s, a flagship company of the K. K. Groups a premier manufacturer of the advanced military & law enforcement equipments and the companys exports includes the Army, Police, Railways, Paramilitary forces, Navy and other government and foreign organizations.The KK Group was founded in the year 1972 KK Exports offer a wide variety ofBritish jackets,

CEF-WSx08 for Tough Environment | Defence Industry

Established in the year 1993, Control Express Finland Oy is the designer and manufacturer of CEF-WSx08 for the Army. CEF WSx08 is an efficient rack installed 2U-high industrial PC which is specifically well suited for using in vehicles and in the tough industrial environments. It is supplied with two 3.5? hard disk drives prepared with

Thermal Imaging Infrared Cameras for the Army

FLIR Systems Co Ltd’s is the manufacturer of thermal imaging infrared cameras for the Army. The thermal imaging infrared cameras are extensively used for border security and coastal surveillance. This camera is can identify human-sized target which are far away (even kilometers away). It can be even used for commercial purposes. The camera can detect