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Defence and Security: 3 Innovations Transforming the Future of the Industry

Most government defence departments around the world have one key difficulty in common – managing ever-changing potential threats within increasingly tighter budget constraints. The UK is attempting to tackle this issue by launching a series of Innovation Challenges, providing funding to companies that can offer innovative new technologies and solutions for dealing with ongoing and

Global Non-lethal Biochemical Weapons Market: Globally Changing Political Dynamics to Fuel Growth, says TMR

Interest of military forces and law enforcement agencies in non-lethal biochemical weapons has witnessed tremendous development in the recent past as progress in technology in science has appeared to provide the assurance of innovative non-lethal weapons, used in a wide variety of militarily and politically threatening situations. These weapons, also known as less than lethal

When minutes feels like hours

A traumatic scenario “I’m sitting next to my severely wounded soldier comrade waiting impatiently for the field ambulance. A traumatic situation for all of us – what to do? We are indesperate need to do something for our friend and also for ourselves–it’s horrible to just wait. It feels like an eternity”. Unfortunately this is

New avenues in the Indian Defence Industry FDI

Indian Defence scenario is now on the verge of a major change. With Narendra Modi taking up charge as the Prime Minister with promises of quick economy revival, defence in India has already begun witnessing changes. Major European countries are all interested to make the best out of this opportunity and have offered to provide

Soft robots: MIT’s Technology that can alter Defence for the better

If you always thoughts robots had to be a pile of jangling metals, you might want to hold that thought right there! Pentagon and Harvard University have forecasted that the future for robotics is ‘soft and squishy’. The two organizations have come together to research and formulate robots that are soft, cheap and can easily

Command systems incorproated in air defense – Successfully demonstrated by US army

The U.S. Army and Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC) have successfully demonstrated a warfighter-focused, net-centric battle command system for integrated air and missile defense (IAMD). Northrop Grumman will establish a network-centric systems-of-systems solution for integrating sensors, shooters and battle management, command, control, communications and intelligence systems for Army air and missile defense. The newly integrated

Foreign Direct Investment in Defence: What Developing Countries Should Know

In the modern era of globalization, developing countries are continually appealed by foreign manufacturers and other counsel groups, to shoot-up foreign investment capital in technological industries; especially in the defence sector. The usual rationale is that an increase in foreign investments would accelerate technological upgrades and hence strengthen the domestic defence industrial infrastructure. Looking closely,

Hybrid PistenBully Provides Perfect Skiing Conditions

Over the last few years, hybrid drives have become synonymous with environmentally friendly mobility. Electric drives are now powering many off-road commercial vehicles, such as agricultural and construction vehicles, forklift trucks – and even piste-grooming vehicles. The PistenBully 600 E+ from Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG is the first ever diesel-electric piste-grooming vehicle and underscores the company’s

BRICs together

Collaborative indigenous developments are much healthier than solo developments Brazil and India have a long list for Defence buying. Many if not all in the world of Defence await an opportunity to fish deals from these two on the rise nations. Most of the biggies have a separate team working for dealing with Indian and

Indian Defense Industry and its global pie

One of the fastest growing defense industry markets is from India. The kind of military equipment enhancing spend which is taking place in the Indian defense segment is also a plus for the kind of rapid development which is envisaged. The kind of spends on military hardware, technology and communication alone grew at CAGR of