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TARANIS® Solution | Army Equipment

Elektroniksystem- Und Logistik-GmbH’s (ESG) is one of the leading German companies for the development & integration of IT and electronics systems for public authorities and the defence and automotive industries. With 1600 employees, the company has its headquarters in Germany and it offices are spread across Europe and global. The company’s TARANIS® solution suite is specifically

Security Cameras for the Army

FLIR Systems Co Ltd’s is the manufacturer of security cameras for the Army. The company’s products play crucial roles in a wide assortment of industrial, commercial and government activities in almost more than 60 countries. The specialty of F-Series thermal Security Cameras is that it lets an individual see intruder and other threats to the

Ballistic Floatation Vest | Army Equipment

Buffers Marine’s a new division in Buffers AB in started in the year 1995. It represents their our own brand Northgear–with products like Ballistic Floatation vests, Dive Suits, Survival Suits, Carrying Bags and even Travel Packs. Many of the company items have NSN NATO stock numbers and the company Buffers Marine AB is ISO 9001

Sea Rescue Craft | Naval Equipment

LeisureCat Australia’s is the builder of High Speed Catamarans. It is the foremost Western Australian based company to design and build Fibre glass Powered Catamarans in Western Australia. Sea Rescue Craft is also one of their products. It is an apparatus, method and system for saving persons and distressed vessels. The design is confirmed to

Helmets to Monitor Pilots’ Health & Save Lives

The defense electronic systems maker, Elbit Systems is on its way to bring up the new generation helmet that can monitor health condition of the pilot during flight. The helmet, named Canary Airborne Guardian System comes integrated with special kind of sensors that have already achieved success for their astonishing performance of identifying human health

Indigenous Production of Defence Equipments in INDIA

As India is moving towards transformation from a regional power to a global power, the defence sector is increasingly occupying even bigger space in the country’s long term strategic planning. As India is gaining power it is increasing its purchasing power as well with several high-end defence deals either in the pipeline or being envisioned

Brain Sensors Stimulate – Defence Technology

When humanity began telling stories, it began by telling stories of war. Violent Bronze Age fiction, such as the “Iliad,” the Bible and “Gilgamesh,” cast long shadows over entire cultures, often justifying later battles and inspiring future militaries. That trend of spinning yarns of combat continues to this day. To understand the power of stories

Electronic Data Transmissions – Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)

With computer science exponential growth in power requires determining the bar is always higher to secure electronicdata transmissions from the outside hackers. The ideal solution would be to transmit data in quantum bits, but these quantum information processing may lie decades away. Therefore, several companies have focused on bringing one aspect of quantum communications to

3D Imaging with No Human Intervention

Collaborative indigenous developments are much healthier than solo developments Situation awareness and accurate target identification are critical requirements for successful battlefield management. Ground vehicles can be detected, tracked, and imaged by using airborne or space-borne microwave radar. UAV platforms are nowadays a valuable source of data for inspection, surveillance, mapping and 3D modeling issues. New

Connexion of Head-Up Display and Enhanced Flight Vision Systems

Its been more than 50 years fighter aircrafts started equipping with Head-Up Displays (HUD) that projects key information, targeting crosshairs etc to the pilot onto a seemingly clear piece of glass allowing pilots to keep their eyes in the sky and avoid looking down at their instruments. More innovations took place with a creation of