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Highest Definition Infrared Surveillance System SPYNEL-X

HGH Infrared Systems’s is a global manufacturer of infrared solutions for industrial, civil, defense and security applications.It is the manufacturer of SPYNEL-X as well. SPYNEL-X is the world’s Highest Definition Infrared Surveillance System which captures the real time, full panoramic images with resolution of up to 120 MP it is the first Infrared Search &

TARANIS Solution | Army Equipment

Elektroniksystem- Und Logistik-GmbHs (ESG) is one of the leading German companies for the development & integration of IT and electronics systems for public authorities and the defence and automotive industries. With 1600 employees, the company has its headquarters in Germany and offices are spread across Europe and globally. The company’s TARANIS solution suite is specifically

MILTECH 908MP | Army Equipment

Techaya Inc’s. is a prime developer, innovator and manufacturer of Military Rugged and perfect IP Based Communication Solutions for the Army? It manufactures MILTECH 908MP which is a condensed MIL-STD fully managed military-grade network switch offering eight triple speed ports specially created for the avionic application. It is compatible with all the latest industry network

Helicoil Inserts | Airforce Equipment

Noble Aerospace Private Limited’s is a professionally managed company which offer HeliCoil Inserts for Airforce HeliCoil Inserts are utilized for forming stronger internal threads in all metals, composites and light Metal Alloys. It creates long lasting durable threads, shuns thread over-sizing, enhancing the likelihood of higher torque application in weaker metals, considerably reducing the bolt

Mosquito Bags | Naval Equipment

Fra Angelico Ltds is supplier of mosquito bags to the Navy of the Defence Industry. It is an UK-based company established in the year 1997. The manufactured mosquito nets are of three types namely: 1. Mosquito Nets Free Standing, 2. Mosquito nets without floor and 3. Camp cot mosquito nets The mosquito nets are purely

Integrated Communications Control System (ICCS) | Naval Equipment

EID’s is one of the most important high-tech companies in Portugal which designs, manufactures and supplies advanced, high-performance equipment and systems mainly for the global defence community. It manufactures Integrated Communications Control System (ICCS) which provides secure, fast and reliable communications for any kind of warship i.e. be it from patrol boats and submarines to

Know about Betalight b.v’s Self-Luminous Torch

Betalight b.v’sis the supplier of Self-Luminous Torch. This torch is compact, light weight and very dependable which doesnt impact the night vision. It is part of the personal belonging of Apollo astronauts. The construction of this light is as follows: the inner part is made up oftough polycarbonate, the outer body and hinged front cover

Helmets to Monitor Pilots Health & Save Lives

The defense electronic systems maker, Elbit Systems is on its way to bring up the new generation helmet that can monitor health condition of the pilot during flight. The helmet, named Canary Airborne Guardian System comes integrated with special kind of sensors that have already achieved success for their astonishing performance of identifying human health

Warfare Technologies & Technologies used in WW I & II

Mutual Defense Alliances, Militarism, Imperialism and many other reasons were accounted for the root cause of the death spree of more than 9 million combatants and 7 million civilians in the World War I and more than 60 million people in the World War II but the crucial role of technology is something never to

Laser Gun which can Destroy Drones

The United States of America have done it. It is now a step closer to having a special type of laser gun that has the capacity to shoot down enemy drones in a matter of seconds, while an eye blinks. Boeing has made it public that its latest mobile laser weapon named the High Energy