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Illuminated Control Panels | Airforce Equipment

Paramount Panels UK’s is a specialist manufacturer of man-machine interfaces, a lighting company, with almost 50yrs experience in the aerospace and defence industry. They’re involved in the designing and manufacturing of information panels and even associated lighting components since the early 1950’s. Originally designed to fulfill the rigorous demands of the aerospace industry, Paramount Panels

Helicoil Inserts | Airforce Equipment

Noble Aerospace Private Limited’s is a professionally managed company which offer HeliCoil Inserts for Airforce HeliCoil Inserts are utilized for forming stronger internal threads in all metals, composites and light Metal Alloys. It creates long lasting durable threads, shuns thread over-sizing, enhancing the likelihood of higher torque application in weaker metals, considerably reducing the bolt

Tank Target Scoring System in the Airforce

Air Target Sweden’s is the manufacturer of TTSS for the Airforce. It is a renowned scoring specialist since the year 1956. The acoustical scoring products are delivered to customers in more than 30 countries around the globe. The scoring algorithm depends entirely on the accurate measuring of Mach cone time of arrival in 4 pressure

Noise & Vibration Monitoring Terminals | Army Equipment

Brüel & Kjćr Sound & Vibration Measurement A/S’s is the supplier of defence equipments. Founded in the year 1942, it has developed to become the world’s leading supplier of advanced technology for measuring and managing the quality of sound and vibration. The company has sales offices and representatives in 55 countries and is a subsidiary

Mini Marque Scoring Station | Airforce Equipment

Air Target Sweden’s is the manufacturer of Mini Marque Scoring Station for the Airforce. The Mini Marque scoring station is a  computerized scoring station for collecting, calculating and  presenting of actual firing  results  gained from the universal 12-sector Miss Distance Indicators. It is operated with touch screen buttons, i.e. the entire settings and commands are done with the help

Universal Balancing Machine for the Airforce Industry

SCHENCK RoTec India Limited (SRIL)’s is the manufacturer of Universal Balancing Machine for the Airforce. The Universal Balancing Machine (Horizontal) is a premium quality machine operated with micro processor controlled instrument. It makes the process easy and provides new ways for precise balancing. The Vertical Balancing Machine can be used for numerous purposes and the

Revolutionary Change in Design and Versatility of Aircrafts with “Tiltrotors”

Times have changed, with humans desire to fly. fantacized with dreams to go wherever they want. One such individual was Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), who was the first human to approach heavier-than-air-flight in a technological sense. However, nearly four centuries later, when technology advancements allowed sustained, powered manned flight, the practical solution demonstrated by the