Bullet Proof Jackets | Army Equipment

KK Exports’s, a flagship company of the K. K. Groups a premier manufacturer of the advanced military & law enforcement equipments and the company’s exports includes the Army, Police, Railways, Paramilitary forces, Navy and other government and foreign organizations. The KK Group was founded in the year 1972

KK Exports offer a wide variety of British jackets, bullet proof jackets, bullet proof vests, military camouflage jackets, PASGT vests, webtex tactical jackets, etc. Most up-to-date technology is utilized in manufacturing & forming mobility without negotiation on the protection i.e. with fundamental level of protection against NIJ standards

bullet-proof jacketThe company is a global leader in the field of quality bullet proof jacket or body armour and gives equal importance on manufacturing and finishing. One can even easily find durability in their bullet proof jacket or body armour.

The R&D division consists of best team of designers who particularly design the bullet proof jacket for best fitting and are even now continuously innovating to offer greater comfort. It even supplies HAP, SAP & Outer covers discretely to companies or contractors according to their individual requirements and specifications.


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