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How Does a Turbojet Engine Work

Turbojet engine is an air-breathing gas turbine engine that – much like rocket engines – produces forward thrust using the impulse generated by its exhaust gases. Turbojets are commonly used in military aircraft that require high velocities over short ranges. Pratt & Whitney JT3D, J58 (Lockheed Martin Blackbird), F135 (Lockheed Martin F-35 and Raptor), General

Changing Dynamics of Defense Industry, A global panorama

Defense Industry is one of the niche segments in the global industrial scenario. Unlike the other industries, where the demand for the products or services depend upon the consumer buying behavior, changing lifestyle trends, competitive product development and other factors, In this Industry the encounter is all about Economic scenario of the nations, global political

Is Defense Industry Management a Smart Business ?

The army forces of America are seeking acceptance for pentagon to mix up in their defense industry to strengthen their force and protect them from collapses happen imminently. But the funds issue is the challenge to get this and they are dried for the big ticket program. Many of their suppliers for defense equipment’s into