Accommodation Containers for the Army

Dorce Prefabricated Buildings & Construction Trade’s established in the year 1989 is the manufacturer of the prefabricated building, accommodation containers, steel construction camp buildings and GSM shelters for the Army.

The accommodation containers are available in diverse sizes and can be arranged together as a container complex to build larger areas like dining, recreational and other facilities. The wheels can also be put on these accommodation containers and can be converted into mobile units.

All items offered along with the accommodation containers are of highest quality standards and can withstand all weather conditions. Electrical connections and plumbing are provided with the containers.

They are made up of quality raw materials, of 2.4 to 3.6 m length, 3 m to 12 m length and present in single, double and triple storey.

Quality and customer satisfaction are their topmost priority and the containers are made according to the specifications of the client.

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