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Indian Defense Industry and its global pie

One of the fastest growing defense industry markets is from India. The kind of military equipment enhancing spend which is taking place in the Indian defense segment is also a plus for the kind of rapid development which is envisaged. The kind of spends on military hardware, technology and communication alone grew at CAGR of

Defensive mode

The kind of niche segmentation and importance which the defense industry was enjoying is slowly coming to terms. Itís very likely process that every industry undergo certain revolutionary changes once in two to three decades of time. Even in the case of Defense sector such a change has been thoroughly envisaged. But the kind of

Growth of Stakeholders in Defense Industry

Industrial GDP and the growth is something which always signifies the economic status of a nation. When there is boom in one particular industry and there is a significant amount of growth which is taking place in one industry, by default it leads to employment opportunities directly and indirectly. When the industrial research figures which