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Laser Gun which can Destroy Drones

The United States of America have done it. It is now a step closer to having a special type of laser gun that has the capacity to shoot down enemy drones in a matter of seconds, while an eye blinks. Boeing has made it public that its latest mobile laser weapon named the High Energy

Tethered Blimps developed for defence, now find commercial applications

Tethered blimps that were being developed by a company for the military, will now be used commercially, from surveillance of bridges and roadways to post-natural disasters strike. Unmanned aerial vehicles or drones had been proposed for such functions but have not seen approval nod. For the time being, instead of drones, the “blimp-in-a-box” system, as

Indigenous Production of Defence Equipments in INDIA

As India is moving towards transformation from a regional power to a global power, the defence sector is increasingly occupying even bigger space in the country’s long term strategic planning. As India is gaining power it is increasing its purchasing power as well with several high-end defence deals either in the pipeline or being envisioned