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When minutes feels like hours

A traumatic scenario “I’m sitting next to my severely wounded soldier comrade waiting impatiently for the field ambulance. A traumatic situation for all of us – what to do? We are indesperate need to do something for our friend and also for ourselves–it’s horrible to just wait. It feels like an eternity”. Unfortunately this is

Warfare Technologies & Technologies used in WW I & II

Mutual Defense Alliances, Militarism, Imperialism and many other reasons were accounted for the root cause of the death spree of more than 9 million combatants and 7 million civilians in the World War I and more than 60 million people in the World War II but the crucial role of technology is something never to

Laser Gun which can Destroy Drones

The United States of America have done it. It is now a step closer to having a special type of laser gun that has the capacity to shoot down enemy drones in a matter of seconds, while an eye blinks. Boeing has made it public that its latest mobile laser weapon named the High Energy

Tethered Blimps developed for defence, now find commercial applications

Tethered blimps that were being developed by a company for the military, will now be used commercially, from surveillance of bridges and roadways to post-natural disasters strike. Unmanned aerial vehicles or drones had been proposed for such functions but have not seen approval nod. For the time being, instead of drones, the “blimp-in-a-box” system, as

Soft robots: MIT’s Technology that can alter Defence for the better

If you always thoughts robots had to be a pile of jangling metals, you might want to hold that thought right there! Pentagon and Harvard University have forecasted that the future for robotics is ‘soft and squishy’. The two organizations have come together to research and formulate robots that are soft, cheap and can easily

‘Sea Chameleons’ inspire new Military camouflage tactics

Cuttlefish are sometimes known as the “chameleons of the sea,” for their ability to change colors rapidly and blend in to their surroundings. Now, researchers have uncovered the three types of “light makers” on the skin that enable this sophisticated camouflage system. The results could lead to better protective gear for soldiers in battle. Researchers

Future Survivability Technologies – a snapshot reveal

Inventions generated by ideas open up newer avenues. Surviving in the environment of today is crucial and any evolution is good to know. In this regard, DARPA is experimenting with new designs to create a new generation of “IED-proof” armoured vehicles. In conjunction with the U.S. Army’s Research Laboratory and Alcoa, a leading producer of

Command systems incorproated in air defense – Successfully demonstrated by US army

The U.S. Army and Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC) have successfully demonstrated a warfighter-focused, net-centric battle command system for integrated air and missile defense (IAMD). Northrop Grumman will establish a network-centric systems-of-systems solution for integrating sensors, shooters and battle management, command, control, communications and intelligence systems for Army air and missile defense. The newly integrated

Role of Big Data in Military Intelligence

Distinct threads of raw data interwoven in a pattern, fabricate the texture of information. What if we know the outcome when each or a combination of these threads is pulled in a direction, switching to form a particular web with a million threads available while a million get added with reference to time and space?

Revolutionary Change in Design and Versatility of Aircrafts with “Tiltrotors”

Times have changed, with humans desire to fly. fantacized with dreams to go wherever they want. One such individual was Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), who was the first human to approach heavier-than-air-flight in a technological sense. However, nearly four centuries later, when technology advancements allowed sustained, powered manned flight, the practical solution demonstrated by the