Security Cameras for the Army

FLIR Systems Co Ltd’s is the manufacturer of security cameras for the Army. The company’s products play crucial roles in a wide assortment of industrial, commercial and government activities in almost more than 60 countries.

Security Cameras by FLIR Systems Co LtdThe specialty of F-Series thermal Security Cameras is that it lets an individual see intruder and other threats to the facility vividly in complete darkness and even in bad weather. It is fully permitted for control and operation over digital and analog networks and is available in 160 × 120, 320 × 240 and even in high-resolution 640 × 480 formats, offering up to sixteen times the image clarity and longer threat detection range performance when compared to the lower resolution cameras.

There are even PT-Series series available. The PT-series have precision pan/tilt mechanism which gives operators accurate pointing control while presenting fully programmable scan patterns, radar slew-to-cue, and slew-to-alarm functionality.

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