Know about Defence Industry (Army’s) CASEVAC KIT.

Nodin Aviation AS’s provides CASEVAC Kit to the Army.

The CASEVAC Kit has anchoring points preinstalled in a roof, floor. A troop or even a cargo transport vehicle/vessel can also be converted to CASEVAC/ Forward Evacuation unit in a minute.

By converting, much time can be saved in rescuing the lives of people. The kit consists of a NODIN MEDEVAC Stretcher, 2 shock and vibration damped stretcher support for the head end of the stretcher, 2 web strap supports for the rear of the stretcher.Casevac Kit in Army

The weight of the CASEVAC kit is approx 15kg/33lb and is packed in a bag. The stretcher has fire retardant canvas, 5+2 point harness and designed NATO STANAG 2040 and NATO STANAG 3204.

It is of low weight and volume, has patient securing harness, evacuation capacity, NATO STANAG compliant, etc.

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